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A Closer Look


You’re not apt to find a lighter, more compact longbow, at least not one
that performs as well as the Stick. This is one of the lightest bows you will ever shoot, yet there is no jarring hand-shock. And the performance will impress you. Crafted from laminates of red elm with clear glass backing,
the Stick now features reinforced limb tips that allow any modern string material. Hand crafted from tip to tip, the Stick represents incredible value.

Includes owner’s manual, Traditional Rest, endless Dacron Bowstring, and Leather Grip. Specify right or left hand and draw weight.

Riser and Limb Materials

Riser made of Ovangkol. Limbs made of Red Elm
laminations and clear fiberglass and limb tip overlays.

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight: 25#–55#
Brace Height: 6”–6.7.5”
Mass Weight: 12 oz.
AMO Length: 62”