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Building on its reputation for extreme accuracy, the S4 Scepter was a force in the 2008 target archery tours… bringing home the win at the NFAA Outdoor National Championship, and the top spot at the NFAA 3 Star Stanislawski Open, the S4 proved once again why it is considered the most accurate bow in the world. At a forgiving 43” axle to axle the S4 delivers on the spot accuracy that only a Martin bow can provide… add in our Furious X shoot through system and you have the most forgiving, accurate and balanced target bow on the planet!


Technical Specifications
Speed: 305 FPS (70#, 30”, 350 gr.)
Let-Off: 65%
Draw Weights: 50#, 60#, 70#
Draw Length: 27”-32”
Brace Height: 8”
Weight: 4.4 lbs.
Axle Length: 43”

Furious X System >>>
• Zero Torque
• No Cable Guard
• Arrow Passes Through Cables

Furious Dual-Cam
• Fast and Accurate
• X-System Compatible
• Unsurpassed Adjustability

Scepter Features Chart
Riser   Cast Magnesium Machined Aluminum
Grip Thermal 1 Thermal V Thermal Elite
Limb Cup Cast Magnesium Machined Aluminum ROTO Limb Cup
Shelf Plate Cast Magnesium Standard V.E.M. Arrow Silencing
Strings   Double Helix Double Helix Elite
Cable Guard Adjustable Steel Carbon w/ Teflon Cable Capturing System
STS N/A Accepts STS STS Factory Installed