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A Closer Look


When a longbow is of a reflex / deflex design, hand shock and
vibration disappears and speed increases. No bow offers a better
example of these benefits than the Savannah. One of the most popular longbows of our 60+ year history, the Savannah is a true joy to shoot.

It’s short 62” length is light, even compact, yet maintains a very
smooth draw. Limbs, crafted from bubinga cores and zebra laminates,
are designed to offer a brace height that delivers speed while eliminating shock and vibration associated with many traditional designs. The
Savannah’s riser is made from bubinga with laminated maple highlights,
and features a slim, comfortable grip for consistency and accuracy.
Includes owner’s manual, Traditional Rest, Flemish Bowstring, and Bow
Sock. Specify right or left hand and draw weight.

Riser and Limb Materials

Riser is Bubinga with Maple highlights. Limbs consist of a 2 lamination
Bubinga core covered with Zebrawood and topped with clear glass and
black fiberglass overlays.

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight: 40#–65#
Brace Height: 6.25”–7”
Mass Weight: 1 lb. 1 oz.
AMO Length: 62”