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Compound Bows

Martin Archery compound bows come loaded with special features. Here is a quick glance at the latest that Martin has to offer.


  Lock Mount Arrow Rest System
• Locks your rest into the riser
• Most Secure way to attach your rest
• Work with lock mount and all other rests
  Integrated V.E.M. Arrow Shelves
• Prevents noise when arrow touches shelf
• Raised to help prevent arrow from falling
• Warm to the touch on cold mornings
• Dampens vibration
• Made from Omega V dampening material
• Sleek integrated design
• Part of the complete Vibration Escape System
• Martin Archery Patent #5595168
  V.E.M. - Vibration Escape Module
• Made of Omega V proprietary material
• Superior noise and vibration dampening
• Suspended steel stabilizing weights
• Martin Archery Patent #5595168

Speed Bearings
• Precision roller speed bearings
• Eliminates uneven drag
• Sealed to keep lubrication in and dirt out


• Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
• No stamping, molding or casting



Coreflex limbs
• High pressure and temperature laminated
• Tension and Compression Laminates
• Superior Consistency and Durability
• Strong, Durable, and Accurate
• No Molding

Martin Limb Process
Real Facts

Not many companies in the industry have durable enough limbs needed for todays high performance world. Our limbs are High Compression three part laminate.

Why don’t all manufacturers use this process? It requires accurate temperature controlled 50 ton presses, and special adhesive (the same adhesives used by the aerospace industry).

Many manufacturers have no laminations at all, laminate with standard epoxy, or simply mold them. Yes, it is more costly to produce a Martin limb, but it will last a lifetime.

There is a difference.





Quiver Lock Mount.
• Hardened Steel barrel nut lock slott
• Solid Lock from your quiver to riser
• Works with old and new quivers
• Made of proprietary BCY material
• Increased speed and superior strength.
• Pre-stretched before during and after serving
  STS Shock Terminator Suppressor
• Official STS System
• Dampens noise and prevents string shock
• Stainless Steel
• Heat Treated and Hardened.
• Best axles in the industry.
• Never bends, breaks, or wears out.
  String Silencers
• Quiets String vibration and shock
• Factory Installed


Solid 7
Alignment System

PRECISION ALIGNMENT FROM RISER TO CUP TO LIMB No plastic. No rubber. No room for error.

Just a few words to describe our Solid Seven
alignment system. The Solid Seven alignment
system is the most precise and constant limb
alignment system on the market. Where other manufacturers use plastics, here you will find stainless steel limb pivots that align the limb perfectly to the limb cup. The limb cup is aligned perfectly to the riser of the bow with 2 precision polished stainless steel pins. Everything is then secured using stainless steel bolts. Without question the most accurate and true limb alignment system ever created.

• Stainless Steel Ball Joint Pivots are    precision cut on a Swiss lathe.
• 6061 Aluminum CNC machined Limb Cups.
• Cup Alignment Pins are precision polished    to insure perfect alignment.
• Limb Bolt threaded into Steel Barrel Nut,    not into the
   aluminum riser.

  Roto Limb Cup
Pivoting Limb System

The new Roto Limb Cup represents our latest innovation in lightweight, pivoting limb cup systems. Each limb maintains secure, perfect alignment to the rotating cup thru stainless pins, which are also utilized to align the cup with the riser. No rotating cup system offers tighter tolerances and better alignment, and its clean design is the lightest you will find!


  Thermal Elite

The perfect match of form and function. Beauty of walnut with the warmth of natural leather.
  Thermal V Grip

This grip represents the 3rd generation of thermal design. The warmest, and quietest grip you’ve ever felt! Made of Omega V vibration dampening material and leather.
  Thermal Grip

Offers warmth and comfort. Ever thought about warmth on an early November morning? Yeah, us too!