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  Compound Bows

Five decades of engineering and ingenuity allows us to offer more unique features and benefits. Patented Vibration Escape Modules, Double-Helix Bowstrings, Teflon-Plated Cable Guards, Core-Flex limbs... the list just goes on. No other company can offer you the experience and archery know-how that Martin Archery can.

Pro Series | Gold Series



CAM Systems

C.A.T. Cam

Cam Actuated Timing, an engineered benefit of this exciting new cam system. Both cams are ‘chained’ to each other keeping them in synch. This system is so efficient, we are able to produce arrow speeds like never before.

Bows equiped with C.A.T. Cams:
Firecat Pro-X | Slayer X
M-Pro Cam

M-Pro Cams were engineered for a smooth draw, recoil-free shot and top efficiency. Now they’ve been improved with an adjustable draw stop. Locate the draw stop for a wall at full draw that feels like granite, or for a softer wall and gentle valley, or somewhere in between. With interchangeable draw length modules, the M-Pro may now be the most adjustable cam around.

Bows equiped with M-Pro Cams:
Moab Pro-Hunter | Bengal | Cheetah | Saber | Leopard
Furious Dual Cam

The best performing two-cam system ever developed. Furious cams come in two different sizes, ensuring maximum performance at every possible draw length. With a simple mod change the Furious can be converted to the Furious X Dual-Cam.

Bows equiped with Furious Dual Cams:
Scepter 4 | Mystic

Furious X

Shoot Through System

This innovative system, utilizing multiple cable tracks and 4 individual cables, totally eliminates all limb tip torque and the side pressures normally associated with a cable guard. All string and cable pressure is naturally centered, allowing for an inherently accurate shooting system.