MARTIN STRONG: A Resurgence Led by You


In 2015 we threw out the conventional way of thinking and endeavored to create bows designed to meet what archers and hunters need. Most manufacturers design and create bows they think people will like. But frankly, it doesn’t matter what we think. The only opinion that matters belongs to the person shooting the bow. With that in mind, we wanted to ask archers and hunters exactly what they want in a bow, and what they thought was missing from the bows out in the marketplace.

dealersTo do this, we hired an independent market research firm and tasked them with conducting a nationwide survey of over 300 consumers who had purchased a new compound bow in the past year. We asked them dozens of questions like, “which attributes in a bow are most important, and which are least important?” and “which attributes are you most and least satisfied with in the bows offered today?” This gave us a unique understanding of what consumers need and want in a bow, which we’ve been told has never been done by any of our competitors.

But we weren’t done there. We then invited some of the most respected pro shop dealers across the country – many of whom were not selling Martin at the time – to participate in a series of meetings to get their candid feedback on Martin and the industry.

In all, we spent millions of dollars and countless hours to understand exactly what we need to do to provide the best bows in the industry, and even help grow the sport of archery.


With a mandate for change and a keen understanding of consumer preferences, our Research and Development group focused on creating next-generation Martin bows that use state of the art technology to deliver exactly what people want. This was not just about turning a wish list into reality. We created initial prototypes and instead of just testing them ourselves, we commissioned another independent study of hundreds of consumers try them at a shoot. We took the feedback, as well as feedback from our dealer council, to refine our designs, and repeated this cycle until we were sure we had nailed it.

The Fire

Some changes are planned, some are thrust upon us. In the middle of developing the new product technology and design, one of our buildings in Walla Walla, Washington burned down. Thankfully, no one was hurt. While the fire disrupted our manufacturing capabilities, it allowed us to completely rebuild our compound bow manufacturing process, and operations, from the ground up; a new start to ensure production and quality control are as thorough and precise as the new designs.

The Phenix Series

Out of the ashes, and borne from state-of-the-art engineering and patented technology, comes the Phenix Series. The Phenix Series represents not just the most advanced bows we have ever made, but no less than the quietest (HellFire) and smoothest (Inferno) bows available according to independent testing against leading competitors. The Phenix Series features our most advanced, patent-protected technology ever, developed specifically to deliver a quieter, smoother shot. Among them are Zero Lean, the first ever 4-ring cam system, working in tandem with a perfectly cam system (Symmetry M4), to virtually eliminate cam lean. And our unique bridged variant WideRiser actively eliminates vibration by channeling it away from the shooter’s hand.

The Phenix Series is joined by a series of exciting new carbon bows led by the Stratos CR (Carbon Riser), the most affordable carbon bow on the market. Stratos CR is as rugged and reliable as it is lightweight.

In keeping with our dedication to quality and reliability, all parts are manufactured in the United States and our bows are proudly assembled in Walla Walla, Washington. Each and every part is measured and recorded against our exacting specifications and every bow goes through a rigorous battery of testing before leaving our facility. Quite simply, if there is a shred of doubt about any part or bow, it does not leave our facility.

But our 2016 story doesn’t end there. The rollout of new product continues with some very exciting product announcements planned at ATA in January, 2016. We appreciate the support of the entire archery community during a difficult 2015, and we can’t wait to prove to you that we are not just back, but leading once again.