Martin Compound Bows

For over half a century we have done nothing ... nothing but design and produce the most innovative and technically advanced archery products of the day. Experimentations with cam designs have given us the Kam-Act and the Dynabo. Riser engineering, from "way outside the box", has given us such creations as the Onza and the MagnaBow. You donít have to be familiar with these bows of yesterday to recognize that our originality and desire to produce the very best archery equipment are the reasons you may be considering a Martin bow today.

The bows that you will see in the following pages reflect the technology of today and our ideas and inspirations for tomorrow. We eat, drink and sleep this stuff, and we never stop. When you put your hands on a Martin bow, you hold years of experience and a commitment toward unparalleled quality. You may be a novice archer, you may be a serious archery nut. Either way, you want the best equipment you can get. And thatís why youíre looking at Martin right now, isnít it?

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