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Simply the finest longbow you will find, anywhere, at any price. Like no other longbow, the Vision combines a smooth, stackfree draw and tremendous performance with no trace of hand shock. This is not your ordinary longbow!

A reflex/deflex limb design stores and delivers energy smoothly, camouflaging its performance with a silky smooth draw and incredible accuracy. An ergonomic grip dictates consistent hand placement to help make you a better shot.

Beautiful hand-selected African hardwoods and Red Elm limb laminations, hand shaped and finished, provide an appearance to match the performance. Description alone cannot do this bow justice, you have to shoot the Vision to really appreciate how good a longbow can shoot.

Includes owners manual. Bowstring, Traditional Rest and Bowsock.

1 lb.
12 oz.

30# - 70#


7 1/4" - 8"
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