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In the past, women archers have had to settle for bows that don't quite fit, were just a little too heavy for bows that weren't built for them, just forced to fit them. Well not any longer - Introducing the new Martin Tigress LT.

Martin Archery has finally filled the niche that has been overlooked for years. Never again will you have to settle. With the new Tigress Lt you get exactly what you want. A lightweight, fast and efficient machine built specifically for women archers!! Whether you want to prove something to the guys down at the local range or up in deer camp, this bow can help you do it. The Tigress LT has been built to precise tolerances assuring accuracy and forgiveness from the first shot to the last.

When you're determined to be the best, you need the best equipment available to you. We think you'll find it right here on this page. Go ahead and prove it to yourself. Visit your local Martin dealer for details on how to get your own Tigress LT today.

2 lbs. 15 oz.

40# - 50#

250 FPS

75% / 65%
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