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The first time you lay eyes on it, you'll yearn to hold it. The first time your fingers brush it, you'll crave to shoot it, and the first shot will leave you breathless. Never before has this degree of engineering been seen in bow design. Cutting edge prototyping and design software has allowed us to offer bows like never before, and the Razor X is no exception.

Perfect balance, grip position, and center of mass have all been bred directly into the Razor X to offer you the most forgiving and accurate bow ever built. The new Nitrous cam keeps the Razor X quick, while our patented V.E.M. system kills vibration at the source. On the line or in the woods, the Razor X will give you the edge you need to make your dreams a reality.

4lbs. 6 oz.

40# - 70#

305 FPS

75% / 65%
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