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As archers, we are always striving for more? More speed, more forgiveness, more accuracy, and more for our money! These are the ideas we used when designing the Phantom II.

The Phantom II may be small in stature, but it's big on performance. With this bow you can do it all! Whether your in Iowa hunting big corn fed whitetail bucks, or climbing impossible slopes chasing elk in Colorado, the light weight Phantom II Magnum will be ready when you call on it.

Also available in a target model, the Phantom II Elite is perfect for the serious target archer on a budget. The combination of good looks, superb accuracy and overall performance will strike fear in the eyes of your competitors every time they see you step up to the line! Visit your local Martin dealer for details on how to get your Phantom II today!

3 lbs.9 oz.

40# - 70#

305 FPS

75% / 65%
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