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Packing so much power in such a small package is no humble feat! The all new Martin Orion is pint sized but loaded with features! Vibration Escape Modules, 14" Magnum Limbs, and our lightning quick Dyna Single Cam all or Tru-Arc+ Hybrid System cooperate together to bring you to the pinnacle of short axle to axle hunting bows.

The light weight of the Orion will allow you to cover ground like never before, and give you the confidence in your equipment that you've only dreamed of. The new Orion also comes standard in new Mossy Oak Break Up camoflage to completely conceal itself from the wariest of your quarry. Go ahead, we dare you! Pick up the Orion at your local Martin Archery dealer and give your self the 'edge' you've always wanted!

3 lbs. 9 oz.

50# - 70#

300 FPS

75% / 65%
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