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A classic design, incorporating a smooth draw and excellent cast, have kept the Hunter popular among serious bowhunters for nearly four decades. This many years of success cannot be ignored, the Hunter is a bow of timeless quality. Exotic African hardwoods are showcased in the sculptured lines of its hand-crafted riser. Limbs feature hand-laid laminations and hand-carved string grooves that accept any type of bowstring. The Hunter has been used on about every continent, for about every type of game. If a fast, powerful recurve bow is what you seek, take a serious look at the Hunter. It's made for the serious archer.

Includes owners manual, Traditional Rest, Bowstring and Bowstringer. Installation of sight and stabilizer bushings are available upon request. Specify right or left hand.

2 lb.
3 oz.

30# - 70#


7 3/4" - 8 1/2"
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