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Laminated Smoothness

Pinstripes of gorgeous hardwood, beautifully shaped riser section, and radiused and crowned shelf area, all come together to give you a perfect shooting experience. Get closer to the game and get in touch with tradition.

The Dream Catcher is waiting for you.

Capture the spirit

The spirits of wild places and wild creatures are represented in the graceful design of each Dream Catcher. A beautiful riser, laminated from exotic hardwoods, speaks of simple yet elegant experiences. Limbs of Red Elm empower the arrow with authority yet send it forward with grace. Reinforced limb tips boast hand-shaped string grooves that allow the use of any traditional or modern string material.

If your interest in traditional archery shares an appreciation for simpler times and refined beauty, the Dream Catcher just may be your destined companion.

Includes owners manual, Traditional Rest, Bowstring and Bowstringer. Installation of sight and stabilizer bushings are available upon request. Specify right or left hand.

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1 lb.
13 oz.

30# - 70#


8 1/4" - 9"
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