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The latest member of a lineage so strong it will make your other bow jealous! Since the early 80's the Cougar has been a stronghold of Martin Archery's innovation and design capabilities. Each new Cougar design has had big shoes to fill, but it has never failed to stand head and shoulders above its predecessor.

One look at the Cougar III and you can tell this bow is one serious contender. A solid machined aluminum riser, vibration escape modules strategically placed in the riser to kill vibration and the strongest 3 point limb alignment system in the industry make the Cougar III the bow to have.

Available in 5 different cam and limb combinations and an array of colors, it is well suited to please the most discriminating archers, and the toughest bow hunters around. As far as we're concerned, bows don't get any better than the Cougar III.

Go on, take a chance. Pick up a Cougar III and you'll never look back!

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4 lbs. 2 oz.

50# - 70#

320 FPS

75% / 65%
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