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The Sound of a Perfect End

Your 70 meter game couldn't have gone any better; now is the moment of truth. Each call of 'TEN!' raises the stakes. Aim... Release... 'TEN!' You clutch the gold, and hug your Aurora.

Perfect Balance, Perfect Ten

Ed Eliason, one of the greatest target recurve shooters of our time, and Mike Gerard, world renown recurve technician, teamed with Martin Archery to bring you the most technologically advanced recurve money can buy.

Years of development have gone into the production of the Aurora. Ed and Mike have been with us every step of the way, tweaking the design to perfection, improving the balance and reducing overall weight. The innovative Limb Alignment System makes it easier than ever to set your bow's center line to suit your shooting style.

Join the growing list of champions that have made the switch to the Aurora Recurve, like Rick McKinney, Ed Eliason, and Mike Gerard.

Aurora limbs

The Martin Design Team draws upon over 50 years of traditional bow making experience. This experience has been instrumental in the development of the Aurora Limb system. These limbs use the standard detent system and may be used on most any Olympic style recurve handle with the detent system. New proprietary core materials and lamination design maximizes stability and torsion resistance. In the testing phase of this unique limb the R&D group could not believe their eyes. This new limb will be consistent and smooth. It will be more accurate than you could ever imagine.
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