This Is No Place For A Toy
 There is a lot you can teach your young hunter. Make the first lesson about quality.

  Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted to do everything that Dad did? You wanted to look like dad, talk like dad, shoot a bow like dads. Well when your little one wants to start out there is no better bow out there than the Tiger. The Tiger is a working, fully adjustable compound bow machined from a solid piece of aluminum and outfitted with a miniature version of our Z cams and laminated limbs. Available in a full range of draw lengths and three peak weights, you can be sure this bow will put a smile on your little ones face for years!

Limb Style:
Axle to Axle:
Brace Height:
31 1/2"
 5 3/8"
Mini-Z 17-23"
220 FPS

Riser Colors


Peak Speed   220 FPS @ 24"
Let-Off 65%
Draw Weights 20#, 30#, 40# 
Mass Weight 2 lb. 4 oz.

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