Lean, Mean Hunting Machine
  Real tough guys don't need to make any noise. Tough bows don't either. Be quiet, hunt hard. 

  You’ve scouted for months. You have patterned for weeks. Opening day is here and you’re in your stand. The buck of your dreams is standing in front of you. This is no time to doubt your equipment. If you’re holding the new Prowler SE, you won’t have to. 

  At Martin, we have come to know what you demand from a hunting bow. It has to be forgiving, accurate, fast and quiet. The new Prowler SE has all of these features built right into it. The 8 3⁄4” brace height keeps it smooth and forgiving. Our new SE limb system, which places the limbs almost parallel to each other, keeps the Prowler SE quiet as a whisper and recoil free. The Fuzion cam keeps it fast and gives the Prowler SE the tack-driving accuracy you expect. What more could you ask for in a bow? A simple design with extraordinary results. When the moment of truth has arrived, and you’re faced with the shot of a lifetime, place your trust in the new Prowler SE. You won’t be disappointed. Visit your local Martin Archery dealer for details on how to get your own Prowler SE today!

Limb Style:
Axle to Axle:
Brace Height:
 33 1/2"
 8 1/2"
Dyna-Cam  26-31"
300 FPS
Tru-Arc   27-31"
295 FPS

Riser Color

Peak Speed   300 FPS
Let-Off High Let-Off
 (optional 65%)
Draw Weights 40# - 70# 
Mass Weight 4 lb. 1.5 oz.


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