A serious bow for serious little archers. Hand-crafted African hardwood riser and laminated maple limbs boast of the same craftsmanship that go into our ‘adult’ size bows. At only 48” and 10 oz, the Prodigy can keep up with your young archer all day, without fatigue.

  Draw weights are available from 10 to 25 pounds, as measured at 24” draw lengths. Perfect for archers four and up. Includes an owners manual, Dacron Bowstring and Traditional Rest.

Technical Specs
Draw Weight 10# - 25# @ 24" 
Brace Height 7" - 7 3/4"
Mass Weight 10 oz.
A.M.O. Length 48"

Riser made of ovangkol. Limbs made of maple laminations, black fiberglass, with ovangkol overlays.

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