Breaking The Mold Again 
  Precision does not have to be plain, and plain is definitely not our style. New machining processes were invented, old paradigms were thrown out, and the result is one hot looking, accurate machine.

  Who would have thought? The Cougar III is the latest in a serious heritage of Cougar models. Originally produced in the early 80’s, the Cougar has long been regarded as one serious shooting machine. Each new Cougar has had to live up the reputation of the one before. And, with diligence toward design, each one has. But the Cougar III has surpassed all projections, all expectations as the latest member of exquisite lineage.

  The Cougar III, available with a wide variety of limb and cam style options, can please the most selective and discerning of archers, no matter what the demand may be. Speed nuts, target buffs, hard-core bowhunters, you all owe yourselves a glance at this latest of fantastic felines. Power, balance, steadiness,
control…and sleek looks. It’s perrrrrrfectly suited to carry the name Cougar.

Limb Style:
 40 1/8"
 36 1/2"
 6 5/8"
 32 1/2"
 7 5/8"
42 3/8"
Dyna-Cam    25-30"
315 FPS
300 FPS 
Tru-Arc 28-32"
300 FPS
305 FPS
295 FPS
Nitrous   22-30"
320 FPS
315 FPS

Riser Colors

Peak Speed   320 FPS
Let-Off High Let-Off
 (optional 65%)
Draw Weights 40# - 70# 
Mass Weight 3 lb. 15 oz.

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