Target-Pounding Accuracy
     in a Hunting Bow

  You may not need world-class accuracy to hunt with, but ainít it great knowing itís there! If we demand the best out of our target bows, its only natural to expect the same in our hunting bows.
In fact, the bow that a hunter might buy is the same bow that may be shooting a National Championship.

Do it all, and go anywhere
  Newly redesigned, the Phantom II is the bow of the future. Itís a great target bow. Itís a great hunting bow. Sleek new lines and stiff new frame make the Phantom II the bow to have this season.

Limb Style:
Axle to Axle:
Brace Height:
 37 1/2"
 7 1/8"
 6 1/4"
Fury 24-32"
305 FPS
Fury-X 24-29"
305 FPS
Fuzion   25-32"
301 FPS
310 FPS
Mini-Z   19-25"
Z Cam 25-32"
285 FPS

Riser Colors

Peak Speed   310 FPS
Let-Off 75% (optional 65%)
Draw Weights 50#, 60#, 70#
Mass Weight 3 lb. 7 oz.

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