A Standout in Design
    and Performance

  The Onza II will give you more accuracy than you can use. Our super stiff riser design concept has been in development for 15 years. With the use of new materials and cutting edge artistic design, the Onza II is as accurate as it is eye catching.

Patented Vibration Control
  We built the Onza II for you, an archer with an uncompromising demand for stability and speed. Its been fifteen years since we first introduced the original Onza with its totally unique riser design. Now, firmly positioned in the 21st century, weve found a way to enhance its imaginative design. 
  Our patented Vibration Escape Modules and our new vibration absorbing inlay materials make the Onza II as smooth as a kitten. With this special vibration absorbing technology, you will shoot at scorching speeds with extreme power, and you wont feel a thing.

Limb Style:
Axle to Axle:
Brace Height:
 39 7/8"
 7 1/4"
 36 3/8"
 7 1/2"
 8 1/4"
Fury 26-34"
293 FPS
88 FPS
Fury-X 26-31"
293 FPS
Fuzion   24-32"
300 FPS
290 FPS

Riser Colors

Peak Speed   305 FPS
Let-Off 75% (optional 65%)
Draw Weights 50#, 60#, 70#
Mass Weight 4 lb. 1 oz.

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