Gail Wouldn't Accept
      Anything Less

  The Gail Martin Signature Take Down is everything he ever wanted out of a traditional bow. His years of experience are evident in the feel. His love of tradition comes out in the design. The responsiveness of this model is unparalleled. Once you shoot this one, you will finally know how good a traditional bow can shoot.

A Harmonious Extension of your Form
  After fifty years of experimentation and research in bow design, an archer gets a feel for what he likes. The Gail Martin Classic reflects the delights and interests of a modern-day archery legend.
  Our bowyers have crafted a bow to capture the spirit of Gail Martinís love for traditional archery. A hand-applied glossy finish showcases the contrasting shades of a Bubinga and Maple riser. Limbs, formed from hand-laid laminations of Red Elm, contour to meet the riser in elegant form.
  Limb tips of reinforced glass and Bubinga feature hand-carved string grooves that gently cradle a hand-spliced Flemish bowstring. Everything about the Gail Martin Classic reflects the appreciation of a lifetime of archery.

  Includes owners manual, Traditional Rest, Flemish String, Bowstringer and Silencer Pad. Installation of sight and stabilizer bushings are available upon request. Specify right or left hand.

Technical Specs
Draw Weight 30# - 70# 
Brace Height 7 1/2" - 8 1/4"
Mass Weight 2 lb. 10 oz.
A.M.O. Length 60"

Black dyed hard maple and bubinga riser with white maple highlights. Limbs made of hardwood speed lam with clear fiberglass, black fiberglass, and bubinga overlays, tipped with bubinga caps.

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