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Fury Cam
Fury Cams are the fastest cams available. With Fury Cams on your bow you can achieve speeds that you never thought possible. These cams defy all known rules that apply to the cam versus round wheel debate. Many of our target shooters have made the switch to the Fury Cam for all of their target shooting needs. They canít believe how high their scores have jumped. The smoothness and accuracy of these cams are unequaled in the archery business.
Fury-X Cam
Proven at the Vegas Shoot to be the most accurate cam on the planet, the Fury-X is the finest and most innovative eccentric to come along since the single cam. The unique tri-track design eliminates string wear. Limb tip torque, cam lean, and awkward cable guards are now just problems of the past thanks to this new cam. Only one problem remains: the most accurate cams on the planet just might eliminate your excuses!
Fuzion Cam
The advantages of the new Fuzion Cam overshadow all other single cam designs. These performance-enhancing features adjustable draw length modules. The draw length of the Fuzion can be adjusted over the entire range of lengths without affecting the draw weight. Adjustable for 65% or 75% let-off.

Z Cam

Z Cams offer supreme performance in conjunction with unerring accuracy. The Wide Track design is larger than conventional cams in the groove area, giving more room for the bowstring, reducing string wear. Z Cams are standard in 75% let-off or in an optional 65% let-off.


Laminated Glass Composite Limbs
Our laminated limbs have set the standard by which all other limbs are measured. Martin glass limbs are the toughest and most accurate money can buy. If you need a tough hunting or 3-D limb, these 16" limbs are what you are looking for. The laminated glass composite limb gives the ultimate in speed and durability.
CoreFlex Limbs
XRG CoreFlex limbs offer the perfect blend of speed, accuracy, and consistency. Suitable for indoor/outdoor target archery and hunting, CoreFlex limbs are perfect for the archer who does it all. The XRG CoreFlex limbs are 17" long, allowing extra length for finger shooting. These limbs are extremely accurate even in adverse weather conditions.
Magnum Limbs
Our 14" Magnum limbs are of similar construction to our straight glass composite limb, but shorter for greater speed, maneuverability and performance.

SE Limb System
The SE Limb system reaches new levels of smoothness and accuracy. By raising the brace height and reducing overall stress in the limbs, any model with this system will be smoother and quieter than you can imagine. The SE limb system utilizes increased angle limb pockets and the proven Magnum limbs.


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