Short and Sweet
  Take a long close look at the Altitude. Its curvy lines grab your eye. Its weightand balance feel great in your hand shot after shot. 
  We designed the Altitude for the dedicated bowhunter. At barely over 30",weighing just three and a half pounds, the Altitude will never complain about long days outdoors. Take it miles from home, through the toughest terrain, and the Altitude will reward you with outstanding performance.
  Vibration control is more than just window-dressing, itís an integral part of the Altitudeís design, keeping it whisper quiet so youíll never be heard. After waiting hours in a tree, when the moment of truth arrives, you can trust the shot of a lifetime to the Altitude.

Limb Style:
Axle to Axle:
Brace Height:

 30 3/8"
 6 3/4"

Fuzion 24-29"
301 FPS
Limb & Riser

Peak Speed   301 FPS
Let-Off 75% (optional 65%)
Draw Weights 50#, 60#, 70#
Mass Weight 3 lb. 10 oz.

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