Traditional Recurves and Longbows
Even with all the technologically advanced compound bows available today, usually made of aluminum and fiberglass, there are still a few of us who enjoy the old-fashioned thrill of shooting a traditional wood bow. They have a simple beauty and a natural feel like no other bows. As you look over our selection of traditional bows, each hand-made by a master craftsman, no two exactly alike.

Dream Catcher | Gail Martin | Hatfield
Hi-Speed | Hunter | Mamba | Prodigy
Rebel | Victory | X-200

Hawk | Mountaineer | Stick | Vision

Target Recurve
The Aurora is the most technologically advanced target recurve money can buy.

Target Recurve

Watch Chuck Jones from Howatt Archery cut and shape a X-100. All Martin Traditional are hand-made one at a time.

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