Talk about a powerful little package! Want to save money for that next big hunt? The Panther Magnum was designed to deliver big league power for a minor league price.

Just look at the features this bow offers and compare with any other bow in its price range. The Panther Magnum is built around a machined—not stamped, squished or squeezed—aluminum riser that is super tough and light weight. Martin Magnum limbs are only 14" but store incredible energy and allow for a very compact 33" axle length. The Martin Fuzion single cam system draws like silk but sends an arrow home with authority.

All too often shorter, faster and lighter costs more and more and more. This doesn’t have to be the case! Put your hands on a Panther Magnum and keep your hands on a few more of those hard earned dollars.

Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up, Red, Blue, or Purple. Specify right or left hand.

Let-Off 75% (optional 65%) 
Axle  Length 33 1/6"
Brace Height 7.25"
Mass Weight 3  lb. 7 oz.
Draw Length 26"-31"
Draw Weights 50#, 60#, 70#
IBO Speed Rating 300 FPS

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