After only a year the MV2 Elite has proven itself to be one of the most accurate bows on the planet. During its debut at the 2001 National Indoor Championships, in the hands of Martin Shooters Troy Knoll and George Ryals, it won 2 National Titles and gained one National Indoor Record. Are you trying to find a “do it all” bow that effectively blends speed and accuracy? The MV2 is the answer to all the archery you like to do. With all that speed and power, it is great for hunting and 3-D. The proven tournament record of the MV2 is a testament to its unparalleled tack-driving accuracy. The feature packed MV2 with Quick-Loc accessories and the VEM (Vibration Escape Module pat.#5,595,168) is everything the all-around archer needs.

The revolutionary accessory attachment system makes it easier than ever to mount all your favorite hunting gear in a second. The Quick Pin Quiver system gives you a super-solid, rattle-free attachment to your bow with any Martin Direct Mount Quiver. The Lever-Loc Sight System allows the use of most any sight, and securely locks to The MV2 riser. The Lever-Loc Sight can be removed and replaced without affecting your sight settings in the least. If you are ready for the speed, power, and accuracy of the MV2, see your Martin Dealer and ask for the best brand in the store, Martin Archery.

The new Lever-Loc sight attaches firmly to the bow with a double-pin alignment system. The lever action pulls the sight firmly against the bow, creating the most consistent positioning possible. The lever is then locked into place against the sight bar. The Lever-Loc sight bar is adapt-able to most any sight, allowing you to use your favorite sight design.

The Quick Pin Quiver is the slickest quiver mounting design ever de-veloped. The quiver pin plugs into a receptacle on the riser and a knob on the opposite side is tightened to lock it into place. To remove the quiver is simple, all you have to do is loosen the knobs and press them in. The quiver easily separates from the bow. This allows you to quickly and quietly detach your quiver in your tree stand without alerting game.

Available in Advantage Timber, Red, Blue or a selection of Custom Colors. Available in right or left hand.

Fury / Fury-X
Let-Off 75% (optional 65%) 
Axle  Length 39 7/8"
Brace Height 7.25"
Mass Weight 4 lb. 1.6 oz.
Draw Length 25"-33"
Draw Weights 40# - 70#
IBO Speed Rating 296 FPS

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