As a serious traditional bowhunter, wouldn’t you enjoy shooting a bow that reflects your experience and dedication? For over thirty years, the Hunter has been used by more successful hunters on more successful hunts than any other bow. Its shock-free operation, and smooth, stackless draw are a few of the traits that keep this bow popular.

Laminated African hardwoods give the Hunter riser both beauty and strength. Hand laid limb laminations support reinforced tips to give superb cast while allowing the use of Fast Flight strings.

Each Hunter includes a Traditional Arrow Rest, a bowstringer and a bowstring. Installation of sight and stabilizer bushings available upon special request.

Technical Specs
Draw Weight 30# - 70# 
Brace Height 7 3/4" - 8 1/2"
Mass Weight 2 lb. 3 oz.
A.M.O. Length 62"

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