The Hi-Speed Take Down is ideal for the traditional archer who prefers a short, quick bow that is eager to travel, to either just outside town or halfway around the world. The Hi-Speed is surprisingly smooth and stack-free, even at longer draw lengths, while its 58" length is comfortably compact.

The gently contoured Hi-Speed riser is sculpted from laminated maple for both beauty and strength. Limbs are hand laid laminations of Red Elm and clear glass and feature reinforced tips . The whole bow is immersed in a deep glossy finish that only accentuates the Hi-Speedís splendor. (Available in Semi-Gloss finish by special request.)

The Hi-Speed comes complete with a Traditional Arrow Rest, a bowstringer and a bowstring. Installation of sight and quiver bushings are available upon special request.

Technical Specs
Draw Weight 30# - 70# 
Brace Height 8" - 8 3/4"
Mass Weight 2 lb. 7 oz.
A.M.O. Length 58"

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