Only a few have had the opportunity to celebrate an experience in archery that has lasted over a half-century. Such an occasion deserves its own unique commemoration.

The Gail Martin Classic Take-Down, a bow displaying beauty and craftsmanship that reflects fifty years of pure archery enjoyment. This special bow graciously echos the gratification and fulfillment that pioneer Gail Martin understands through traditional archery.

Smooth flowing lines carefully sculpted by experienced hands are showcased in a hand-applied glossy finish. Contrasting shades of color created by laminations of Bubinga and Maple create a riser of sumptuous splendor. Hand-laid laminations of Red Elm form limbs that gently accept the contours of the riser, tapering away to tips reinforced with layers of fiberglass and Bubinga. Hand-carved string-grooves gently cradle a hand-spliced flemish bowstring. Everything about the Gail Martin Classic reflects a passion that, after fifty years, still continues to thrive.

This is your chance to own a piece of archery history.

Technical Specs
Draw Weight 30# - 70# 
Brace Height 7 1/2" - 8 1/4"
Mass Weight 2 lb. 9.9 oz.
A.M.O. Length 60"

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