Introduced five years ago, the Dream Catcher quickly became a favorite of traditional archers. The name of this bow captures much of the essence of traditional archery itself, Native American lore, wild places, our dreams and visions of the perfect arrow, the perfect shot, and the perfect hunt.

If you are serious about your traditional archery, you already appreciate a bow that draws smooth, without stacking, and releases gently, without shock or recoil. You cherish a bow with cast enough to send an arrow into flight with authority. If this is you, then the Dream Catcher is your bow.

Hand-crafted, one at a time, featuring an African hardwood riser and hand-laid Red Elm limb laminations. Hand grooved reinforced limb tips gently allow the use of any string material.

A Traditional Arrow Rest, bowstringer and bowstring are included. Installation of sight and stabilizer bushings are available upon request. Specify right or left hand.

Technical Specs
Draw Weight 30# - 70# 
Brace Height 8 1/4" - 9"
Mass Weight 1 lb. 13 oz.
A.M.O. Length 60"

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