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Experience the excitement of shooting a traditional bow.
Even with all the technologically advanced compound bows available today—usually made of aluminum and fiberglass—there are still a few of us who enjoy the old-fashioned thrill of shooting a traditional wood bow. They have a simple beauty and a natural feel like no other bows. As you look over our selection of traditional bows, each hand-made by a master craftsman, no two exactly alike, you may have some questions about which bow or accessories are right for you.
Should I get a recurve or a longbow?
After you’ve decided to shoot with a traditional bow, you must still decide whether you’re going to use a recurve or a longbow. The fast, natural pointing ability and the forgiveness of the longbow makes it a great bow for beginners—and experienced shooters, too. The longbow is lighter than the recurve, making it easier to carry in the field all day. It’s straight, slender, and lightweight. When strung, the limbs curve back in the direction of the shooter. The superior speed and compactness of the recurve make it a popular choice among more experienced traditional shooters. It’s a shorter traditional bow and it is much faster than the longbow. When strung, the tips on the recurve curve away from the shooter.
Should I get a one-piece or a takedown?
The first time you pack your bow into your suitcase and surround it with your hunting clothes, you realize how wise you were to purchase a bow that breaks down conveniently. And the true beauty of the take-down is … you hardly ever have to take it down. It’s a one-piece bow until it’s time to go on the road—with all the performance, smoothness of draw, and accuracy you’d expect from a one-piece bow. The Hi-Speed and Hatfield Take-Down models are designed to be loyal shooting companions, prepared to travel with you to the ends of the earth.
Should I use a glove or a tab?
While many of today’s archers choose to use a mechanical release, there are quite a few of us who prefer to draw and release our arrows with our fingers—the old fashioned way. Gloves or tabs give you the satisfaction of drawing and releasing an arrow with the fingers while avoiding placing the fingers directly against the bowstring. Shooting gloves, which fit around the fingers much like regular gloves, offer convenience and the ability to quickly ‘get on the string’ and be ready to shoot. Other activities can be accomplished without removing a shooting glove. A tab wraps around the fingers and, since it allows all of your fingers to act as a single unit, tends to be more forgiving and consistent. Pressure applied to the bowstring is kept even through the flat surface of a tab and the tendency to pinch the arrow is greatly reduced. If as a finger-shooter your priority is convenience, you'll want a glove. If accuracy is your focus, you'll choose a tab.
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