The accuracy of the Scepter II has become notorious. The Martin Team, while using the Scepter II, has aced many world gold medal matches. If you are ready to get serious about target archery, The Scepter II is ready to perform for you. The Scepter II, equipped with the XRG Elite limbs and Fury Cams, has been proven unbeatable in the largest indoor tournaments in the world. The Martin Team won every major indoor tournament of 2000.

The Fury Cam has seen widespread use in the target arena. In the old days it was thought that the round wheel was the only thing to shoot in target tournaments. The Martin Pros quickly proved that theory wrong. Since 1997 the Fury cam has been used successfully by target pros around the world. The winning record of the Fury cam is indisputable. Your Martin dealer is ready to raise your scores. Test drive the greatest target bow ever created at your dealer today.

Available in Advantage Timber, Red, Blue or a selection of Custom Colors. Specify right or left hand.

Fury Cams
Let-Off 75%
Axle  Length 42 7/8"
Brace Height 7 7/8"
Mass Weight 4 lb. 2.2 oz.
Draw Length 26"-34"
Draw Weights 40# - 80#
IBO Speed Rating  290 FPS

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