Just how do you take a top-selling bow, one with unique features and excellent performance, and improve it? Simple cosmetics arenít enough; todayís archer is far too sophisticated for that. For real improvement, noticeable increases in performance are required, and that isnít easy when youíre dealing with a bow like the Rage. But then, what good ever came out of anything easy?

Welcome the Rage Magnum! Now lighter, shorter and faster than ever. Martin Magnum limbs are only 14" in length but deliver impressive speed. Maneuverability allowed by a short 32" axle length will get you through the brush and into your tree with surprising ease. Though the Rage Magnum is super short and super quick, an improved 7" brace height helps you keep your arrows on target. When you thought a bow couldnít be built any better, along comes the Rage Magnum. Put Magnum Power on your side this season!

Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up or choose from a selection of Custom Colors. Available in right hand only.

Let-Off 75%
Axle  Length 32"
Brace Height 7"
Mass Weight 4 lb. 1 oz.
Draw Length 25"-30"
Draw Weights 50#, 60#, 70#
IBO Speed Rating  301 FPS

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