Get ready for the most powerful, accurate, and innovative bow you have ever shot. Two years of design and extensive testing culminate with the MV 2 Elite, producing an extremely smooth and deadly accurate design. The pressure that the shooter exerts on the system during the shot is centered in the middle of the bow making it more stable. You won’t believe how steady this bow aims. The grip angle has been increased to bring your wrist into a more natural position, assisting proper bone alignment and increasing your consistency.

The MV 2 Elite is powered by Fury Cams that have already proven themselves among top target archers and serious bowhunters alike. Archery Champions are already raving about the MV 2 Elite and bowhunters are going to love it. See your Martin dealer and experience the most innovative design on the market. Test fire the MV 2 Elite today.

The ingenious MV 2 riser looks like no other, and is packed with features that will increase your consistency and accuracy. The new Integral Accessory System will bring you a new level of dependability that you have never before experienced. On many compound bows, accessories are little more than clunky add-ons. New Quick Locking accessories make the MV 2 the most streamlined machine in the woods. The MV 2 accepts the new Quick Pin™ Quiver and the inventive Lever-Loc™ sight system, accessories that mate seamlessly with the MV 2 riser. Set up and take down has never been so easy.

Lever-Loc Sight
The new Lever-Loc sight attaches firmly to the bow with a three-point alignment system. The lever action pulls the sight firmly against the bow, creating the most consistent positioning possible. The lever is then locked into place against the sight bar. The Lever-Loc sight bar is adaptable to most any sight, allowing you to use your favorite sight design.

Quick Pin Quiver
The Quick Pin Quiver is the slickest quiver mounting design ever developed. The quiver pin plugs into a receptacle on the riser and a knob on the opposite side is tightened to lock it into place. To remove the quiver is simple—all you have to do is loosen the knobs and press them in. The quiver then easily separates from the bow.

Available in Advantage Timber, Red, Blue or a selection of Custom Colors. Specify right or left hand.

Fury Cams
Let-Off 75%
Axle  Length 39 7/8"
Brace Height 7.25"
Mass Weight 4 lb. 1.6 oz.
Draw Length 25"-33"
Draw Weights 40# - 70#
IBO Speed Rating 293 FPS

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