Nearly 300 feet per second for under 300 bucks? Just how many bows today can make that claim?

Enough said? Well, if we stopped there we wouldn’t get to mention the Jaguar is very light-weight, conceals in Advantage Timber, sports Martin’s Thermal Grip and has a silky-smooth set of Z Cams machined from solid aluminum. The Jaguar is also available with Mini-Z Cams to fit the shortest draw lengths from 19 to 25 inches.

Enough said? If we stopped there we wouldn’t get to mention the Jaguar’s toughness and versatility. A 36" axle length provides both maneuverability and control. And did we mention that speed?

Before spending top dollar on someone else’s high-end bow, see the Jaguar at your Martin dealer. You’ll be glad you did. Enough said.

Available in Advantage Timber, Red, Blue or Custom Carbon Weave finishes. Right hand only.

Let-Off 75%
Axle  Length 36 3/8"
Brace Height 7 1/4"
Mass Weight 3 lb. 8.7 oz.
Draw Length 25"-31"
Draw Weights 40# - 70#
IBO Speed Rating  291 FPS

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