#M-62 Rock solid quality like this is supposed to cost an arm and a leg. Not with the Jaguar! The Jaguar is the most affordable yet feature-packed bow on the market. The die cast Jaguar riser is super tough and good looking. The Jaguar’s short 36" axle length makes it perfect for tree stand or ground hunting. The straight glass composite limbs make the Jaguar tough, dependable, and accurate. If you are looking for super speed at a price that is not super high, try the Jaguar at a Pro Series dealer near you.

Riser Colors:
Cherry Red, Royal Blue, or Advantage Camouflage
Limb Colors:
Black, or Advantage Camouflage

Z Cams
Let-Off75% Effective,  65% Optional
Axle to Axle Length36 3/8"
Brace Height7 1/4"
Mass Weight3 lb. 8.7 oz.
Draw Length25"-31"
Draw Weights40# - 80#
IBO Speed Rating291 FPS

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