#M-2001 Martin Archery now offers the next step in accuracy, the Cougar 2000 Fuzion. The medium brace height and brisk speed of this single cam bow has made it an instant favorite of bowhunters and 3-D shooters. The Cougar’s riser design allows more speed while maintaining forgiveness. The enhanced speed makes the Cougar 2000 Fuzion perfect for hunting and 3-D. The mass weight, under 4lbs., allows you to shoot all day without fatigue. The Fuzion Single Cam System is the most unique cam on the market, with adjustment capabilities that are amazing. Draw length adjustment is a snap with the Fuzion Cam. The draw can be adjusted over the entire range of draw lengths without affecting the draw weight.

The M-2001 Cougar 2000XRG Fuzion Elite has the same great features as the Cougar 2000 Fuzion with the addition of our famous XRG recurve limb. The laminated XRG limb is virtually bullet proof. The Recurve limb adds extra length to the Cougar 2000 Fuzion Elite making it more forgiving and deadly quiet. To see a great shooting bow at a fantastic selling price, see your local dealer and try the Cougar 2000 Fuzion and Fuzion Elite.
#M-2001XRG available  in Red and Blue anodized finishes or Advantage Camouflage®.

Riser Colors:
Cherry Red, Royal Blue, or Phantom Camouflage
Limb Colors:
Black, or Phantom Camouflage

M-2001Fuzion Cam
Let-Off75% Effective,  65% Optional
Axle to Axle Length40 1/2"
Brace Height7 1/8"
Mass Weight3 lb. 15 oz.
Draw Length28"-32"
Draw Weights40# - 80#
IBO Speed Rating294 FPS

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