#M-2000 Just when you thought it couldn’t be done; Martin Archery did it. We have successfully blended optimum arrow speed and forgiveness to give you the ultimate bow. The Cougar 2000 is accurate enough for World Champions and tough enough for bow hunting.

With its slightly shorter riser and decreased brace height, the speed of the Cougar 2000 surpasses that of the world famous Scepter II. The moderate 7" brace height increases speed without sacrificing accuracy or forgiveness. The Phantom  Camo pattern blends into the woods without a trace, and it matches most any camouflage brand.

The Cougar 2000 is available with the Z Cams and Fury Cams. The Z Cam has modular draw length adjustments and the draw length can be changed without affecting the draw weight. Fury Cams are engineered to give peak performance at each individual draw length.

The sleek design and forgiving speed make the Cougar 2000 the perfect bow for all of your archery needs. See your local dealer and try a Cougar 2000 today.

Riser Colors:
Cherry Red, Royal Blue, or Phantom Camouflage
Limb Colors:
Black, or Phantom Camouflage

Z Cams
Let-Off75% Effective,  65% Optional
Axle to Axle Length41 1/4"
Brace Height6 3/8"
Mass Weight3 lb. 15 oz.
Draw Length26"-32"
Draw Weights40# - 80#
IBO Speed Rating293 FPS

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