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#M-101 - The Bobcat Fuzion represents the hottest craze that has hit the archery world since the fastflight string. The Fuzion Cam single cam system utilizes perimeter weight technology and a single-track idler wheel to increase speed and smoothness. Martin Archery's weighted cam is different from any other weighted cam on the market. The weight is fully adjustable, and it can be moved from hole to hole or it can be shot with two weights installed. The draw length is adjustable over the full range of lengths with the use of modules, giving you a full range of adjustments so you can tune the cam to your personal preferences. The Fuzion Cam will give you extremely quiet and silky smooth operation with extreme speed and power. The Bobcat Fuzion is powered by our super tough composite straight glass limbs. The Bobcat Fuzion is available with 75%, or optional 65% let-off, and comes in Advantage Camouflage, Cherry Red, or Royal Blue. Available in right or left hand.

Anodized Riser Colors:
Cherry Red, Royal Blue, or Advantage Camouflage
Limb colors:
Black, or Advantage Camouflage

Fuzion Cam
Let-Off78% Effective 71% Actual
(Optional 65%)
Axle to Axle Length37.25"
Mass Weight4 lb. 3 oz.
Brace Height6.5"
Sight Window5"
Peak Weights40#-80#
Draw Lengths27"-31"
IBO Speed Rating307 fps. @ 78% Let-off