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#M-79. Prepare yourself for a new adventure in archery. The new Rage Twin Limb will broaden your horizons and open your eyes to accuracy like you have never seen before. There are so many new technological innovations built into the Rage Twin Limb they are almost too numerous to list.
  The first thing you will notice about the Rage Twin Limb is the new Wide Track Twin Limb System. This revolutionary system is the forefront of limb technology. The Wide Track Twin Limb has a much wider limb, a wider spacing between the limbs, and the Wide Track Limb Pocket. The Wide Track Twin Limb System's advantages are unequaled in the archery industry. With this new system, there is minimized limb tip, less vibration, less noise, and unparalleled accuracy.
  The Rage Twin Limb riser is the same innovative riser that is found on the other bows in the Rage line. The most prominent feature on the Rage riser is the Elevated Stabilizer Wing (patent pending). The Elevated Stabilizer Wing raises the stabilizer to a higher position in front of the grip. This transforms your stabilizer from a dead weight to a dynamic torque and vibration reduction tool. The Elevated Stabilizer Wing helps your stabilizer do a more a effective job while greatly improving your accuracy. You will not believe how accurate you can shoot with the help of the Elevated Stabilizer Wing.
  The Rage Twin Limbs are recurved, the same as our bullet proof XRG limbs. You can expect the Rage Twin Limbs to be smooth, accurate, and quiet. Check out the most innovative bow of 98' at your local Pro Series Dealer, the Rage Twin Limb.
Wide Track Limb Pocket
 Martin Archery has redesigned the Twin Limb pocket to make it more stable and accurate than ever before. The wider design eliminates limb tip and cam lean that is common with other designs. All 1998 Martin bows that are available with the Twin Limb will come with the new Wide Track System.

  • Super light CNC machined riser
  • Elevated Stabilizer Wing (patent pending)
  • Wide Track Twin Limb System
  • Two piece wood grip
  • Z Cams or Fury Cams
  • Split String Harness System

    Anodized Riser Colors:
    Red, Grey, Turquoise, Gold, or Advantage Camouflage
    Limb colors:
    Black, or Advantage Camouflage

    Fury Cams Z Cams
    Let-0ff75% (opt. 65%) 75% (opt. 65%)
    Axle to Axle Length38"38"
    Mass Weight4 lb. 4 lb.
    Brace Height5 7/8"5 3/4"
    Sight Window5 1/4"5 1/4"
    Peak Weights40#-80#40#-80#
    Draw Lengths23"-31"24"-32"
    IBO Speed Rating310+300+

    Manufactured under one or more of the following Martin Patents:4,781,167 and 4,899,102.
    Licensed under Bear Archery U.S. Patent Nos: 4,300,521, 4,440,142 and 4,241,715.
    Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 4,478,962, 4,515,142 and 4,515,374.