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#M-62XRG. The Jaguar XRG is enhanced with the addition of Martin Archery's super tough XRG CoreFlex limbs. The XRG limbs are unaffected by weather, will perform flawlessly under any conditions, and also add a touch of versatility to the Jaguar. The Jaguar riser is diecast magnesium and can take any punishment you can dish out. The Jaguar XRG is long enough to be shot with fingers or release with extreme accuracy. With a Jaguar XRG you have the power and speed to hunt any animal and the accuracy to take you to the top of any tournament.

  • Rigid diecast magnesium riser
  • XRG CoreFlex Limbs
  • Two piece wood grip
  • Z Cams
  • Affordable price and super speed

    Painted Riser Colors:
    Metallic Red, Chrome, Metallic Blue, Granite,
    Metallic Black, or Advantage Camouflage
    Limb colors:
    Black, or Advantage Camouflage

    Z Cams
    Let-0ff75% (Opt. 65%)
    Axle to Axle Length39"
    Mass Weight3 lb. 12 oz.
    Brace Height7 3/8"
    Sight Window5 1/2"
    Peak Weights40#-80#
    Draw Lengths25"-32"
    IBO Speed Rating290-295

    Manufactured under one or more of the following Martin Patents:4,781,167 and 4,899,102.
    Licensed under Bear Archery U.S. Patent Nos: 4,300,521, 4,440,142 and 4,241,715.
    Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 4,478,962, 4,515,142 and 4,515,374.