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  Fury Cams are the fastest cams available. With Fury Cams on your bow you can achieve speeds that you never thought possible. These cams defy all known rules that apply to the cam verses round wheel debate. Many of our target shooters have made the switch to the Fury Cam for all of their target shooting needs. They can't believe how high their scores have jumped. The smoothness and accuracy of these cams are unequaled in the archery business.
  The Fury Cam is engineered to give maximum speed and accuracy at each individual draw length. Each draw length has its own cam that is fitted specifically to that length. There are 9 different cam sizes to accommodate the full range of draw lengths.

  Z Cams offer supreme performance in conjunction with unerring accuracy. The Wide Track design is larger than conventional cams in the groove area, giving more room for the bowstring and reducing string wear. The Wide Track design also will accommodate the use of 3/32" Power Cables when an optional cable system is desired. Z Cams are standard in 75% let-off or in an optional 65% let-off.
  Z cams are designed to cover all draw length options with out the need to disassemble the bow. X-modules are available in 9 different sizes and will change the draw length without affecting the draw weight or accuracy of your bow.

  The UniMax System is the next revolution in Single Cam design. Martin Archery has removed the undesirable qualities that are found in conventional single cam systems, with the invention of the UniMax System. The UniMax System offers 80% let-off cam and is the smoothest and most accurate single cam system on the market. Single cam systems do not allow for conventional tuning methods, because the string is not parallel to the riser. The UniMax wheel has been redesigned to allow the string to lay in a normal relationship to the limb tip, eliminating the many tuning aberrations that are common with standard single cams. The nock travel is level, providing clean arrow flight. The UniMax System will fit a variety of draw lengths using a module system, and it has the most solid wall in the business.
  The UniMax Cam offers the convenience of interchangeable draw length modules. The UniMax draw length can be changed fast and easy without affecting draw weight or accuracy. All UniMax modules are made from machined aluminum and will cover the entire range of draw lengths.

  Tri-draw Flite Wheels are still the most accurate wheels in the business. The Martin Flite Wheel is adjustable for either 65% let-off or 50% let-off. Flite Wheels are also adjustable up or down one inch from the marked draw length. Flite Wheels are only available with Martin's super tough 3/32" Super Cables.