#T-20 Gonzo Safari™

Turn your next hunting season into a Gonzo Safari™ with this quality Ted Nugent bow. The Gonzo Safari™ features our slim torque free riser and solid glass composite limbs for added speed and durability. The unparalleled accuracy of this bow will surprise you and, the price is right. You will not find better value anywhere.

Ted Nugent’s years of hunting experience were drawn upon to make this bow strong and accurate enough to handle your demanding hunting days.

Riser colors:
· Red
· Blue
· Black
· Purple
· Green
· Hydro-GraFix camo
in Advantage Camouflage™
or Mossy Oak Breakup

Limb colors:
· Silver
· Advantage Camouflage™
· Mossy Oak Breakup

W/Z™ CamsW/Ultra™ Sonic
Let-Off65% (optional 75%)65%
Axle-to-Axle40 1/2"40 1/2"
Mass Weight4 lb. 5 oz.4 lbs. 5 oz.
Brace Height8 9/16"8 9/16"
Sight Window6"6"
Peak Weights40 to 80#40 to 80#
Draw Lengths28" to 35"27" to 34"
IBO Speed Ratings290-295 FPS*275-280 FPS*

(*I.B.O. Speed Rating using 30", 70# and 350 grain arrow. Speeds will vary according to draw weight/arrow weight combination. For Example: speeds of over 330 fps have been recorded with 30", 80# and 400 grain arrow.)

Manufactured under one or more of the following Martin Patents: 4,781,167 and 4,899,102. Licensed under Bear Archery U.S. Patent Nos. 4,300,521, 4,440,142 and 4,241,715. Licensed under U.S. Patent No. 4,478,962.