#M-82 FURY™

One year after its introduction, the Fury™ has ruled tournament competitions with record setting scores and has taken some of the toughest game animals in the world. The Fury™ is leaving its wrath on 3-D courses with perfect 400 IBO scores. The competition simply cannot compete with the speed and accuracy of the Fury™.

The Fury’s™ tournament tested CNC machined riser gives durability, accuracy, and unparalleled speed. This specially designed riser has a full sight window and allows clearance for the biggest broadheads and fletchings. Martin Archery’s own glass Composite 16" limbs are the muscle of the Fury™. These limbs are famous for their durability and speed. The Fury™ Cam is the fastest on the planet. The accuracy of these new Fury™ Cams has amazed competition shooters and hunters all over the country. Custom machined Fury™ Cams come in six different sizes to achieve maximum efficiency and speed at each available draw length.

Many people who have not shot a Fury™ think its accuracy to be mediocre, because it is a high performance bow. Just ask Martin Staff Shooter Ray Crisp, of Washington, who set a new State Field Championship Record at distances up to 80 yards. Ray will tell you that the Fury™ is the most accurate speed bow he has ever shot. Fred Shassberger has also certified the accuracy of the Fury™. Fred shot a perfect 400 IBO score at the first leg of the IBO triple crown this year. That's forty, dead center, ten rings in a row! Try the Fury™ today. You won’t believe your scores.

Riser colors:
· Blue
· Mardi Gras
· Gold
· Turquoise
· Red
· Grey
· Green or Hydro-GraFix camo
in Advantage Camouflage™,
or Mossy Oak Breakup

Limb colors:
· Silver
· Advantage Camouflage™
· Mossy Oak Breakup

W/Fury™ Cams
Axle-to-Axle40 1/4"
Mass Weight4 lb. 5 oz.
Brace Height5 3/4"
Sight Window6 1/2"
Peak Weights40 to 80#
Draw Lengths26" to 31"
IBO Speed Ratings 325+ FPS*

(*I.B.O. Speed Rating using 30", 70# and 350 grain arrow. Speeds will vary according to draw weight/arrow weight combination. For Example: speeds of over 330 fps have been recorded with 30", 80# and 400 grain arrow.)

Manufactured under one or more of the following Martin Patents: 4,781,167 and 4,899,102. Licensed under Bear Archery U.S. Patent Nos. 4,300,521, 4,440,142 and 4,241,715. Licensed under U.S. Patent No. 4,478,962.