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richI am extremely excited to be able to share with you what we here at Martin Archery have been working on this past year.  We’ve enjoyed much success since October 2013, when we began the process of revitalizing this 64-year old iconic brand.  It’s a testament not only to the employees and local community we have here in Walla Walla, Washington, but also to the broader archery community in general for the incredible amount of support and feedback we have received.

Many notable changes have occurred over the past year.  A primary driver of success in any business is the hiring of key personnel and we have made a concerted effort to put together a best-in-class management team in sales, research and development and operations.  First, Lance Irving joined us in March 2014 as our Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.  His in-depth archery experience, relationships and foresight have been vital in shaping the vision for our product lines and building our brand within our loyal fan base.  Second, Richard Batdorf joined us in May 2014 as our Director of Research & Development.  He has developed some of the best cam designs in the industry and has been a renowned patent advisor, and compound and crossbow designer for over 20 years.  Third, Frank Collins joined us in March 2014 as our Director of Operations.  He has extensive experience and know-how in operations and supply chain, having worked in several best-in-class manufacturing-intensive businesses.  Having streamlined operations and a strong supply chain in place is critical to ensuring the best quality in the industry and on-time delivery, something that we strive to provide to each and every one of our customers and consumers.

The most vital keystone to the success of a company in such a passionate space are the products themselves.  We were eager to listen to what consumers had to say about their preferences on bow attributes, breadth of product and price points currently offered on the market so we conducted a large, sweeping marketing study.  We wanted to develop our 2015 bow line bottoms up with the consumer in mind.  The results, I must say, have been nothing short of remarkable.   Whether you want a bow that is lightweight, faster, quieter, more forgiving or more adjustable, we undoubtedly have a bow that suits what you want.  You spoke, we listened.

On a personal note, I want to extend a personal thanks to Chris Brackett, who not only is a face of Martin Archery, but was a guide, mentor and a friend on my first bear hunt this year. It was a great success and I am truly humbled by his work ethic and passion for the sport. Gail Martin built Martin Archery with hard work, passion and dedication, and we are honored and proud to have the opportunity to continue building upon his foundation of success as we look to take this storied company to new heights.  We are extremely enthused about our incredibly talented management team and cannot wait for everyone to get their hands on the all-new product line. We are eager to see what the coming year has to offer.

—Rich Weatherford, CEO Martin Archery

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