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It’s an incredibly exciting time right now, and I want to begin by thanking the entire archery community for the overwhelmingly positive response to our revitalization here at Martin Archery. I cannot help but feel a great sense of obligation and gratitude to Gail Martin and the rest of the Martin family. They successfully managed this business for over 60 years and established a reputation for great quality and service within the archery community. In addition, a special thanks to all the Martin fans and loyalists who inspire us on a daily basis with their comments and feedback on our progress and products.

Saving jobs in the US has been a personal passion of mine for the last several years, and that starts with establishing ties within the local community. Our bows are manufactured and assembled here in Walla Walla, Washington, so the revival of Martin has already had an extremely positive impact on the community in terms of job creation. Furthermore, I am grateful to all the local organizations that have worked side-by-side with us over the last few months. With their help, we have Martin up and running with the original employees, and additionally, we have partnered to establish local training programs to accelerate our growth. I am humbled by the dedication of the Martin employees and beyond impressed by their abilities to produce high quality bows. We are combining that original Martin service, craftsmanship and dedication with an updated supply chain and improved operations systems to be able to deliver products on time, every time.

We are also focused on updating Martin’s advertising and branding as you can see from the distinctive new logo we developed with the help of all our employees as well as our supporters on Martin Archery’s Facebook page. We will continue to deliver new content to the community via our production launches, company updates and other public outreach events. Be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram and continue to give us your feedback. We are eagerly listening and responding to your suggestions.

You’ll begin to see “Proudly Made in the USA” in stores near you as we remind everyone that we are right here in Walla Walla making the best traditional recurve and long bows in the US. While we may not be perfect as we continue along this journey, rest assured, we are working unbelievably hard each and every day to make Martin Archery the type of company and employer that our employees, supporters and the rest of the archery community can be proud of for years to come.

I wish each and every one of you could be here to see the optimism that permeates the Martin facility as we add additional shifts, reinvigorate our bow lines and implement a shared vision for the future.

In closing on behalf of all of us here at Martin Archery, thank you and we look forward to being your bow manufacturer of choice for the next 60 years.

Rich Weatherford • CEO Martin Archery

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