The Scepter V is the only bow you should ever consider when accuracy and forgiveness matter most.

The Scepter has proven through competitions the world over that crushing Xs and 12 rings is it’s specialty. With the tightest groups of any bow on the market, this 40” axle-to-axle bow will bring home trophies and checks leaving your competition in the dust.

If you want to be competitive you will not find a better shooting machine!

Nitro 3 Hybrid Cams - Fast, Quiet, No Vibration
PowerTough Limbs
Nine Stabilizer Mounts
Threaded Steel Stabilizer Insert
Carbon Stealth STS
CNC Machined - Solid Aluminum Riser
Custom Target Grip
Silent Hunter Arrow Shelf

Bow Specs

Limb Type Single
Axle-to-Axle 40”
Brace 7”
Cams Nitro 3
Peak Weights 50#, 60#, 70#
Weight Adjustments 15# down from peak weight
Draw Lengths 27” - 32”**
Mass Weight 4.4 lbs*
Speed Up to 330

Available Colors

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