The #1 Hunting Recurve. Celebrating its 50+ years in production, the Hunter is perhaps the most successfully used traditional bow ever made. The Howatt Hunter was a popular model long before many of today’s archers were even born!

Built for speed, the Hunter easily lives up to its name. Perfect for the archer with a longer than average draw length, the 62” Hunter will perform well for draw lengths up to 30”. Its longer length adds stability and accuracy, providing control to it’s impressive cast and speed. Includes traditional rest, flemish bowstring and stringer.

Riser woods are Shedua with a broad beam of Bubinga through the center, outlined with hard maple. Limbs made of Eastern Hard Maple laminations and black fiberglass, limb tips of Bubinga and black fiberglass overlays. Bow packages available.

Bow Specs*

Draw Weight: 35# - 65#
Brace Hight 6 3/4" - 7 3/4
Mass Weight: 2 lbs. 3oz.
AMO Length: 62"

*wood grain and specs may vary and are subject to change





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